ROXBURY - Roxbury's town manager has ordered the town's health and emergency management directors to come up with an evacuation and "temporary housing plan" because of the extremely high levels of Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2S) at the Fenimore Landfill.

In a memo obtained by Kane In Your Corner, Town Manager Christopher Raths says he wants the plan developed by the end of the day and tells his directors to "consider it similar to a natural disaster."

The memo comes in the wake of Sunday's H2S levels of 390 parts per billion, by far the highest levels recorded in Roxbury.

H2S has been linked to respiratory problems. When News 12 New Jersey's Walt Kane first reported about health concerns in Roxbury in March, he wrote: "Anything over 8 parts per billion is considered unsafe; the monitors have registered readings as high as 37". Three months later, the level is now 10 times higher, and almost 50 times what is generally considered to be safe.

Thursday, the Senate Environment Committee is scheduled to consider a bill to allow for a state takeover of the Fenimore Landfill, after failing to vote on another version of the legislation two weeks ago. But there are concerns lawmakers may not be able to get it passed before lawmakers go on summer break. That could leave Roxbury homeowners dealing with unsafe levels of H2S until after November.