UNION CITY - A continuing Kane In Your Corner investigation has revealed tonight that six highly placed police officers in Union City made hundreds of thousands of dollars between them working for the Board of Education during the past two years, and questions have surfaced over whether they actually worked all of the hours that were billed.

The New Jersey Attorney General's Office has already launched an investigation into the Union City Police Department and Chief Charles Everett after Kane In Your Corner caught the police chief allegedly billing the Board of Education for off-duty security work he didn't perform.

Documents obtained by News 12 New Jersey show that six influential Union City police officers made almost $400,000 from the detail during the past two years.

Abel Hernandez, the officer responsible for assigning the off-duty work, made more than $95,000, according to the documents. Other officers who made money off the detail are the heads of the city's two police unions, Chris Scardino and George Prunes. KIYC: AG's office to probe Union City PD chief Prosecutor's office probes police chief after News 12 investigation Kane In Your Corner: Union City investigation KIYC: Ex-U.S. attorney to probe Union City police chief