EDISON - This past Wednesday, a Postal Service spokeswoman told News 12 New Jersey that Ronald Dawkins, who died on the way to work, was not pressured to report to work during Hurricane Irene.

Dawkins was wading through the floodwaters Sunday morning when he fell into a drainage ditch and drowned in 12 feet of water. Kane in Your Corner has now learned last Wednesday, a plant manager told employees "There should be no reason why (the storm) should affect any of our employee's abilities to get to work." The manager also said "it is imperative that we take our obligation to come to work, even during times when it may be more difficult to get here, very seriously and make every reasonable effort to do so."

When questioned about the memo, the spokeswoman told Kane in Your Corner she had no idea it had been written. However, she did point out that it was issued Wednesday, when it wasn't known how severe the storm would be.

The spokeswoman insists that as the storm got closer, employees were given different instructions, including the directive to be safe. Postal workers Kane in Your Corner spoke with said conflicting directions are a big problem. They say communication needs to be cleared up to prevent more tragedies in the future.

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