KEYPORT - Carol Fox says she was leaving her job as a police dispatcher when she realized that someone had smashed into her car in the employee lot and drove off.

Fox says she was left with nearly $5,000 worth in damage to her car and that it's not drivable. She also says it has to be an employee because no one else parks in the employee lot.

Keyport police say it wasn't just another employee. According to a police report obtained by News 12 New Jersey, the person responsible for the hit-and-run was Borough Administrator Lorene Wright.

Keyport Police Chief George Casaletto investigated the crash and says the evidence is clear, Wright backed her pickup truck into Fox's car. Wright refuses to take responsibility for the accident, and as a result, her insurance refuses to pay for the damage done to Fox's car.

Police reports also say that Wright refused to cooperate in the investigation.Fox's husband says when he tried to talk to Wright, the administrator responded with threats.

Fox says she has reported this case to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. So far, there's been no action taken.