ELIZABETH - An internal memo obtained by Kane In Your Corner indicates more than 20 Elizabeth police officers may have been involved in a no-show jobs scandal that is now under investigation by the Union County prosecutor.

The memo names 21 Elizabeth police officers and says they have been “denied work permits pending further investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.” Law enforcement sources tell News 12 New Jersey that the prosecutor’s office is trying to determine if the officers were paid for work that was not performed, and even used confidential police informants to sign them on and off duty.

Kane In Your Corner first exposed the alleged no-show jobs last November. They involved off-duty Elizabeth police officers working security at Elizabeth’s four senior housing projects: the Ford Leonard Towers, Farley Towers, O’Donnell-Dempsey Towers and Kennedy Arms.

Law enforcement sources also say prosecutors are offering some of the officers a plea bargain that some characterize as a “sweetheart deal.” Two of the officers would reportedly be allowed to plead guilty to theft, serve no jail time and keep their pensions. Four others would simply resign. The rest would remain on the force although some could face demotions or other departmental discipline.