EDISON - News 12 New Jersey viewers seem pretty united in their belief that something needs to be done about harmful motor oils for sale in our state.

Kane In Your Corner exposed the problem last week in a three-part investigation. Lab tests indicated one brand, US Economy, was contaminated with sand, and the back label warned that using it could void your car’s warranty. Black Knight also had high levels of abrasive materials. US Spirit’s back label warned it could damage any car made after 1930. And lab tests of Maxiguard showed such high levels of contaminant, and appeared so black, the Petroleum Quality Institute of America believes the company was reselling used oil.

Chris from Pompton Plains is outraged. “For old folks or anybody to have to rely on reading the fine labels, ridiculous,” he says. Mae from Bloomfield adds, “Someone needs to be held accountable for this,” while Margie from Seaside Park tells Kane In Your Corner, “Thank God you’re here because how are we supposed to know all of these things that you have guided the audience through for many years?”

Since the Kane In Your Corner investigation began, the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is looking into the quality of oil being sold in the state. Some of you hope they take action soon.

“Absolutely there ought to be a law that the oil sold in the state of NJ should reach a certain level of quality and if it doesn’t meet that level of quality it should be banned,” says Jeff from Little Falls. David from Teaneck adds: “The oils tested that have failed should not be permitted to be sold in New Jersey or anywhere else.”

Some viewers argued consumers have some responsibility in choosing good oil. On Facebook, Gary writes: “You get what you pay for. Buyer beware.”

But some of you say that’s not always possible. Chet, who opted not to give his hometown, says, “A lot of people can’t afford the most expensive oils. Any oil that’s really good for your car is too expensive and a lot of people can’t afford it.”

If you want to make sure the oil you buy is safe, download the complete Kane In Your Corner guide to buying motor oil.