EDISON - If you play the New Jersey Lottery and use the state lottery commission’s official mobile app, beware: there’s a glitch that could lead you to throw away a winning Pick 3 ticket.

Bill Bauer, of Edison, called Kane In Your Corner after he noticed the recent Pick 3 numbers on the app were incorrect. He worries lottery players who depend on the app are “going to look at the numbers, think that's the number that came out and go on their merry way, with no clue that they threw away a winning ticket.”

The glitch is limited to Pick 3 numbers, and a Kane In Your Corner review found the problem stems from the “Double Draw,” a lottery promotion that pays an extra jackpot whenever a green ball comes up. Since there is no place for that “Double Draw” number to appear on the app, the software places it in the nearest open spot, which is where a midday or evening winning number should go. That not only makes that number incorrect, it also throws off all the numbers that follow. Kane In Your Corner reviewed the winning Pick 3 Numbers on the lottery app since May 1 and found that 21 of the 30 numbers given were incorrect.

The glitch affects both the iPhone/iPad and Android apps. The lottery website is correct, as are the ticket readers at stores.

Judith Drucker, a spokesperson for the NJ Lottery Commission, tells News 12 New Jersey: “We are very grateful to you for bringing this to the public’s attention. It’s important to us that you alert the public that there is a problem with the Pick 3 numbers on the mobile app. We are working on a fix at headquarters…and we are hoping that by (Wednesday) night’s evening draw the problem will be rectified."