JERSEY CITY - Jersey City police officers are under investigation for an alleged no-show jobs scheme in connection with the ongoing Pulaski Skyway road construction project.

The case is currently in the hands of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, Kane In Your Corner has learned exclusively. 

Jersey City officers are assigned to secure the road construction site as part of a special off-duty detail. But law enforcement sources tell News 12 New Jersey that some officers are suspected of conspiring to falsify timesheets so they could get paid for work that was not performed. At least two of the officers under investigation were part of the department’s motorcycle squad, which News 12 New Jersey’s Walt Kane investigated last summer. As Kane In Your Corner reported, some members of that unit racked up large amounts of overtime that was sometimes not supported by timesheets. One of the worst offenders was the unit commander, Capt. Joseph Ascolese, who racked up nearly $24,000 in overtime during one two-month period, when timesheets showed him working just four hours of overtime.

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office had no comment on the Pulaski Skyway investigation. It had previously confirmed that it is investigating the excessive overtime and that Ascolese is part of that investigation.

A spokesperson for Jersey City says Ascolese resigned from police department last month.