CLIFTON - City officials in Clifton say they are attempting to make ends meet in tough economic times but some say what the city is doing isn't right.

Kane in Your Corner is investigating the issue. The library recently started closing on Sundays because officials say they don't have the extra $70,000 it would take the keep it open.

However, Kane in Your Corner found that there are people on the payroll that don't work at the library. Three years ago, the city began paying the director of the city's Arts Council, as well as the curator of the Hamilton House Museum, all out of the library's budget.

According to state law, library money can only be used for "reasonable and necessary costs incurred to provide library services."

Clifton Mayor James Anzaldi insists nothing was done illegally. He says both the City Council and the library board voted to do this and the city's attorney signed off on it.

Even if it turns out Clifton is ignoring state laws on library funding, it's not clear if there would be any real consequences. The state could theoretically withhold its library funding, which is typically a small amount of money.