EDISON - Six weeks after the troubled launch of the Affordable Care Act, the HealthCare.gov website continues to be plagued with problems, according to a follow-up review by Kane In Your Corner.

News 12 New Jersey’s Walt Kane spent five hours, on and off, trying to set up an account on the federal exchange, but was unable to get anywhere. Each time, he got to the screen with a button marked “Create Account,” but clicking the button accomplished nothing. A live chat with a customer service representative yielded a seemingly “canned” response that the website is offline from 1-5 a.m. EST, and may be taken offline other times as part of an ongoing effort to improve the system.

The new Kane In Your Corner field test came on the same day the government released figures that show just how troubled the Affordable Care Act rollout has been. Federal officials said about 106,000 people have enrolled so far, about one-fifth of the government’s original estimates. In states like New Jersey, that rely on the HealthCare.gov website because there is no state marketplace, enrollment is much lower, with just 23,021 applications accepted.

The Obama administration continues to insist the website will be fully functional by the end of this month. Testifying before a congressional hearing, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said: “It was the case, absolutely, that volume was a key issue that hit the site. It is still an issue for the site, although we have greatly expanded and are expanding the ability for the site to accommodate volume.”