EDISON - Was Gov. Chris Christie truthful when he downplayed the extent of the flooding in New Jersey over the weekend? A fact check by Kane In Your Corner finds pictures and video from Saturday dispute the governor’s contention that flooding was limited to just one county.

At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Monday night, Gov. Christie was asked why he chose to return to campaigning so soon, while people “across the state” of New Jersey were still recovering from flooding. The governor took issue with the question. “There’s only been one county that’s flooded in the state,” he said. “That was Cape May County, the one county that flooded.” He later accurately described that area as being “south of Atlantic City, for those who don’t have a Masters in New Jersey geography like I do.”

But images from the storm appear to show flooding that was far more widespread than the governor’s comments would indicate. While Cape May County was certainly hardest hit, with serious flood damage reported in North Wildwood and Ocean City, there was also flooding in several other counties. Atlantic County saw flooding in several shore municipalities, including Atlantic City and Margate. In Ocean County, there was flooding in places like Barnegat, Toms River and Beach Haven, where floodwaters infiltrated the volunteer fire department. There was even significant flooding in Monmouth County in towns like Manasquan, where images show boats washed up against homes. Manasquan is nearly 100 miles north of Cape May County.

The governor did apologize for another comment he made in the town hall meeting, in which he called North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello “crazy” for saying flooding in his town was worse than it was during Sandy. “Here’s one thing you need to know about that mayor,” Christie said Monday night “His town didn’t get hit by Sandy, so of course it’s worse than Sandy for him.”

At a Tuesday afternoon news conference, the governor confirmed he had called Rosenello to apologize. “It’s not the first time I’ve gotten carried away and said something I had to apologize for later,” he said.