ATLANTIC CITY - New technology being tested in New Jersey is intended to reduce the number of security incidents that can shut down airports for hours.

In January 2010, a TSA agent walked away from his post at the exit lanes at Newark Liberty International Airport, and a man walked through to kiss his girlfriend goodbye. But the incident shut down the airport for hours

The Department of Homeland Security says it will remove TSA agents from the exit lanes, at savings of $88 million a year.

Airport officials in Atlantic City say they have the answer to improving airport security without requiring the gates to be staffed. After a recent remodeling, the airport installed new portals in the exit lanes. A door opens as the passenger passes through, then closes behind them before another door opens.

The technology is not widely used, but could become more common as airports scramble to figure out how to keep terminals secure when the TSA agents are gone.

For extended footage of the new security devices in Atlantic City, click 12 Extra on Channel 612.