ROXBURY - Workers with the state Department of Environmental Protection have begun to spray the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury with a concrete mix known as Posi-Shell.

The project is the first step toward containing hydrogen sulfide gas that's been making homeowners sick.

"That's going to form a hard crust over the waste material to keep the gas from escaping the landfill," says Ed Putnam, of the DEP. "We're also going to be installing flares to burn that gas off and destroy it."

The spraying comes two days after the DEP seized control of the landfill. The action followed a series of Kane In Your Corner investigations that exposed serious problems with a redevelopment project there.

At one point, an air quality monitor measured hydrogen sulfide levels nearly 30 times the legal limit.

Roxbury residents say the state action couldn't come soon enough. Jennifer Hegarty says residents feel like they have finally been heard. "We felt like there was justice," she says.

DEP officials say the spraying should take about three weeks, and they caution residents that because they have to smooth out the landfill before they spray, the fumes could get worse before they get better.