ELIZABETH - As many as 30 Elizabeth police officers may have had no-show jobs with the city’s Housing Authority, and six could face criminal charges, according to Kane In Your Corner.

The officers involved were assigned to work extra duty assignments at Elizabeth’s four senior housing complexes: the Ford-Leonard Towers, Farley Towers, O’Donnell-Dempsey Towers and Kennedy Arms. But multiple police sources say some were repeatedly paid for hours they never worked, a fact investigators confirmed by checking Housing Authority surveillance cameras.

Sources say five detectives and a police sergeant have been referred to the prosecutor’s office and could face criminal charges. The detectives came from the Elizabeth Police Department’s elite Narcotics Division. Sources say some paid confidential informants to falsify time records, signing them on and off duty. Several of those detectives have already been demoted to patrol, according to police insiders.

About two dozen other officers are also suspected of being paid for hours not worked, News 12 New Jersey has learned, including a police captain. However, sources say they are likely to be disciplined in-house and escape criminal charges.

This isn’t the first no-show policing scandal in Jersey. In 2011, an undercover Kane In Your Corner investigation exposed how former Union City Police Chief Charles Everett made tens of thousands of dollars a year in an extra-duty assignment for the public schools. But News 12 New Jersey cameras caught him showing up late, leaving early and even billing taxpayers $60 an hour while he worked out at the gym. Following that investigation, Everett was forced to resign and several other officers were brought up on administrative charges.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office says it is aware of the issue but is not prepared to comment at this time.