FREEHOLD - A 63-year-old woman from Monmouth County wound up ensnared in a web of accounting problems that led to her health insurance being canceled. She tried to call the insurance company, the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance, even her local congressman, but no one was able to help until she got Kane in Her Corner.

Belle Rosenbloom is a former insurance agent, so she knew she was getting a good deal when she purchased a  health insurance policy with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey through the federal marketplace. Thanks to a generous federal subsidy, her share would be less than $450 a month. But month after month, Rosenbloom made her payments, only to have Horizon BCBS tell her she owed more. One month, the $427 federal subsidy appeared in her account and then was immediately subtracted.  

"They seemed to be losing both the subsidy and my payments," Rosenbloom says. "They seem to be confusing everything as far as I can tell."

She called Horizon's customer service repeatedly and was assigned several "high priority case numbers" but each time she called, she talked to a different representative. "I'm starting from the bottom rung all the time," Rosenbloom says. "It seems to be getting worse and worse."

Her problems came to a head earlier this month when Horizon BCBS sent her a letter saying her account had been canceled back in April for non-payment. That left Rosenbloom worried about what would happen if she had an urgent health care need. 

Fortunately, after weeks of failed efforts involving everyone from the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance and Rosenbloom's local congressman, Kane In Your Corner contacted Horizon BCBS and the company was able to straighten out the problem in less than 24 hours, reinstating Rosenbloom's policy with no break in coverage. 

Company spokesman Tom Vincz offered an apology to Rosenbloom for the mishap, explaining there were actually two problems. "Mrs. Rosenbloom's payments were applied to an old, closed member account that she previously had with Horizon," he says, and the company "did not correctly apply subsidy information to her account." Vincz says the Affordable Care Act creates a lot of extra accounting and there have been occasional problems with subsidies being incorrectly applied, but he says Horizon BCBS is usually able to correct the problems much more quickly.

As for Rosenbloom, she's thrilled with how quickly Kane In Your Corner was able to resolve her problem. "I can't believe how efficiently and how well you handled this," she says, "and I'm very, very grateful."