EDISON - People across New Jersey are reporting that they received postcards that claimed they won a free or complimentary cruise.

Joe Perfetto says he was excited when he received the postcard. He says the fine print said he'd have to pay taxes, service charges, fuel surcharges and that he couldn't travel during major holidays. He thought that it would still be cheaper than paying for a regular cruise.

Perfetto was told to attend a seminar at a hotel in East Hanover, where he dealt with three companies; Celebrity Productions, Eagles Choice, the company that offered the deal, and Fun Time Vacation, which books the cruise.

Fees, including activation, registration and processing, totaled more than $300. Perfetto says when he went to book the cruise, the fees were up to $1,016.61.

Kane in Your Corner tried to call Celebrity Productions and Eagles Choice, but could never connect with a real person. A spokesperson from Fun Time Vacation says the company only books the cruises and isn't responsible for the promises made by other companies.