ELIZABETH - Three Elizabeth Police officers will resign and two of them will plead guilty to third-degree charges stemming from a no-show jobs scandal that was exposed in a Kane In Your Corner investigation, News 12 New Jersey has learned exclusively.

Law enforcement Detective Christopher Flatley and officer Michael Tropeano will enter guilty pleas to third-degree theft tomorrow, law enforcement sources confirm. They will also resign from the department. Detective Andrew Cox resigned earlier this week, but will not face charges.

The three were among 30 Elizabeth officers investigated for allegedly billing the city for security work that was not performed at Elizabeth’s four senior citizen housing centers, the Ford-Leonard Towers, Farley Towers, O’Donnell-Dempsey Towers and Kennedy Arms.

Sources tell Kane In Your Corner that Flatley and Tropeano will be the only officers charged as a result of the investigation. Others will either be disciplined internally by the police department or given the opportunity to retire.