NEWARK - The Newark woman who admitted to abusing Patrick the pit bull received 18 months probation during her sentencing today.

The emaciated dog was found near death at the bottom of a trash chute at Kisha Curtis' apartment almost two years ago. Curtis pleaded guilty last month to fourth-degree animal cruelty. She had been facing up to 18 months in prison.

Judge Joseph Cassini said that while he is a dog lover and appreciates the emotion surrounding this case, he feels the 29-year-old has worked to improve herself since the abuse. He says she should be allowed to continue to move forward and take care of her children, three of which live with her.

Cassini asked the public to put the case in perspective.

Curtis thanked the judge before leaving the courtroom. Once outside, she told News 12 she found her sentence to be fair and said she regretted her actions.

"I really do apologize for placing Patrick in harm," Curtis says. "I realize by me leaving him, is why he suffered pain."

Curtis says she's glad to hear the dog she admitted to abusing is thriving with a family that loves him.

Many animal lovers who have closely followed the case hoped Curtis would receive some jail time.

Supporters say that some good has come out of this; not only is Patrick doing well, but the implementation of Patrick's Law is a positive step.

The judge also ruled that Patrick will stay in the care of the Scavelli family in Tinton Falls. They helped nurse him back to health and have been caring for him since.