KINNELON - More than 100 people in Kinnelon received a letter trying to collect old fines from the municipal court this week.

The Town of Kinnelon recently sent a 70-year-old disabled man one of those letters, saying he still owed $475 from a fine issued in 1997. The letter also says the court has issued a warrant for his arrest.

Deborah Andrychewicz wants to know why it took the town 16 years to try and collect the debt from her father.

"We never received any other correspondence from them regarding this, and I personally feel like we shouldn't have to pay it, that this is something they should eat," Andrychewicz says.

When asked, the Kinnelon court administrator directed News 12 New Jersey to state officials, who say there is no statute of limitations on municipal fines.

The town said the fines were found in a recent audit of their books.

If the debt is not paid by the end of this month, the Kinnelon court says it will turn the debt over to a collection agency, which could add up to 22 percent in penalties.