NORTH POLE - Some New Jersey children took the trip of a lifetime Wednesday.

Children receiving treatment at University and Beth Israel Hospitals in Newark, along with their parents and siblings, were treated to United Airlines’ annual fantasy flight to the North Pole.

The families partied at the gate, where the magic was just beginning.

Yusef Taylor and his daughter Charisma were among those who had tickets for the flight. "Today we're going to go to the North Pole," says Taylor. "I'm afraid of heights. So I don't know how this is going to work. But for my baby, I'm going to do it."

"When you have an illness, all you sometimes see is the hospital - four white walls and things like that," says Stephenie Carter. "It's nice to see another side…just have a day of fun and be a kid."

As the kids boarded the plane, the pilot and co-pilot ran through their pre-flight checklist, and most importantly the forecast.

"Weather is 28 degrees - partly cloudy - 60 percent chance of snow and 100 percent chance of fun," the pilot announced.

The one hour and nine minute flight included Christmas carols and a clown.

When they landed, the kids were greeted by cheers, they danced with elves, and got a personal meeting with Santa Claus.

The flight of fantasy was made possible with lots of helpers like Mary Burns. "Nobody deserves it more than these children. It makes the holidays for me."

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