LIVINGSTON - Three pairs of kidney transplant donors and their recipients met for the first time Tuesday after undergoing simultaneous kidney transplant operations at St. Barnabas Medical Center in September.

One of the donors is News 12 New Jersey producer Karin Attonito. She was a perfect match to give her father Arthur a kidney, but chose to donate hers to someone she did not know. This created a “lifesaving chain” that enabled Attonito’s father and two others to receive transplants.

This type of transplant is called a “compatible share” transplant.

“This is such a reward for me,” says Attonito, “A huge reward to meet Joe (the kidney recipient) and everyone here. It's like a gift for me."

“She saved my life, and I’ll never forget that,” says Arthur Attonito.

More information about St. Barnabas Medical Center’s transplant program can be found at the hospital’s website.