KEYPORT - Keyport school officials have voted to keep a controversial Native American mascot, the Red Raider.

The issue regarding the Indian Chief logo was raised by an alumnus of the school who found it to be offensive to Native Americans.

However, many other Keyport students and alumni say they take pride in their mascot and do not find it offensive.

School officials voted on the issue at a school board meeting Wednesday night. Prior to the voting, members of the public expressed their opinion on the issue.

“I am here to express my support to please consider keeping the Raider as the symbol for Keyport,” says one supporter.

“It’s a money issue. It's a pride and money issue,” says a resident who wanted to see the logo change. “I don't expect any change here in Keyport, but I’m going to bring it to your attention anyway.”

The issue of Native American nicknames and logos has reached a tipping point in many different communities. The most notable conflict is over the NFL’s Washington Redskins. The organization has maintained its name but did lose trademark rights through the federal government.

The Keyport School Board voted to keep the mascot in a vote of 6-4.