KENILWORTH - Drivers in one Union County town are learning the hard way what happens if parking rules aren't obeyed during a snowstorm.

Dozens of people who failed to move their cars from the odd side of the street during the Feb. 13 storm had a date in Kenilworth Municipal Court Tuesday.

Many drivers waiting to pay parking tickets told News 12 New Jersey they didn't think they deserved the punishment.

Several complained there were no posted signs telling them where they could not park on snow days.

Mayor Kathi Fiamingo says the ordinance isn't new and that officials did their best to publicize it. "We put it in the paper, on our website, Nixel, and our Facebook page," she says.

Drivers say they hope the money at least goes to good use. "I'm hoping that with all the money they're collecting today we won't have any potholes over summertime," says Patrice Sinclair.

All the drivers that spoke to News 12 said they would pay the $33 fee rather than fight it and incur another $250 in court costs.

Mayor Fiamingo says the streets must be cleared for emergency vehicles.