BRICK - A Brick couple facing animal abuse charges have surrendered a second dog to authorities.

Keith and Shauna Morgan have signed over a 3-year-old cocker spaniel named Ady to the SPCA. The dog appears to have been recently groomed and is in better condition than Sammy, the Morgans' other dog.

The Morgans recently brought Sammy to a Tinton Falls animal shelter claiming they found him on the side of the road in a garbage bag. Police later discovered that the dog was reportedly registered to the couple in 2007.

Police arrested the Morgans last week and charged them with several counts of abuse.

The Red Bank Veterinary hospital says Sammy is sleeping well and continues to eat and drink on his own.

While Ady appears to be in good shape, the SPCA will run a battery of tests to be sure before she's put up for adoption.

Officials say there will be no additional charges filed against the Morgans.