HACKENSACK - A man who has been accused of making fake credit cards may be connected to a massive ring of generating and selling fake identification.

Police say Keith Morris was found in possession of several fraudulent credit cards following a traffic stop. A search later revealed more material inside his car.

Paramus Police Detective Tom Schroeder says fake cards in the hands of criminals are just the beginning. "Now they can open up new accounts," he says. "So they can walk into any store, auto dealer, furniture store anywhere to procure credit. They can open up a new account the victim doesn't even know about and they can start making purchases on those accounts also."

Authorities say the 48-year-old man has prior arrests in New Jersey, as well as New York, Maryland and Nevada. 

Schroeder says the cards contain stolen account numbers, and some are tied to stolen drivers license numbers, Social Security numbers, and even cellphone numbers.