PASSAIC - As temperatures continue to climb this holiday weekend, officials want you to remember to take some precautions when dealing with the high heat.

Officials warn people to never leave children, elderly or disabled persons in a parked vehicle.

People should reduce or eliminate outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to reflect heat and sunlight. Everyone should drink plenty of water, non-alcoholic and decaffeinated fluids.

Chief John Decando, of Paterson Animal Control, says pets also need special care when the mercury starts to rise.

Symptoms of overheating in pets include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor or even collapse.

Decando says pets should be kept indoors and well hydrated. Pets should never be left in cars unattended. Owners should also take special care not to walk their pets on hot asphalt or concrete surfaces.