KEANSBURG - Heavy rainstorms caused severe flooding along the Jersey Shore, especially in Monmouth County, and residents in Keansburg say the water was so deep that they were not able to access their front doors. 

Homeowners along Forest, Oceanview and Raritan avenues tell News 12 New Jersey that although the town installed new drains, they apparently aren’t working.

“They put new drains in, but apparently it ain’t doing jack (sic) because as you can see, it’s still flooded,” says one resident.

Keansburg Borough officials recently spent $5 million on new drainage pipes and a pumping system. Keansburg Mayor George Hoff says that the new system is working and that the pumps are sucking out water faster than before.

Mayor Hoff says that because parts of Keansburg are below sea level, heavy rains will bring some type of flooding, regardless of a new pump system.

Nearby Union Beach also experienced some minor street and yard flooding.

Most of the flooding had receded by Tuesday night.