ELIZABETH - A Kean University student who made racially charged threats was given the maximum sentence allowed under her plea agreement Friday.

The judge gave Kayla McKelvey 90 days in county jail and five years probation. She will also have to pay $82,000 back to her school, the county sheriff’s office and the prosecutor's office.

Judge Robert Mega called McKelvey's threats a selfish plan of hate that created terror and mayhem and put her classmates, school and police officers at risk.

McKelvey admitted to making a fake Twitter account during a rally she organized to address racial issues of campus in November.

From that account, she sent out a series of repeated threats to black students, saying they would be killed.

McKelvey spoke in court, apologizing for her actions and saying that her intent was to expose racism on campus, claiming there were students shouting "white power" during the rally and referring to black students as monkeys.

Judge Mega said he felt McKelvey was not showing complete remorse and was actually critical of the plea agreement.

McKelvey's defense attorney says his client has already suffered extensively and is having trouble finding a job and has lost all credibility.