EDISON - Last week, Kane In Your Corner investigated potential lead contamination in the drinking water in New Jersey homes.

The investigation found that a home can have high levels of lead even when the water company does not. The contamination usually comes from older water pipes used around the home.

Health experts can’t seem to agree on what levels of lead contamination are considered safe, because it may depend on the health of the person drinking it. However, there are several things homeowners can do to reduce the lead in their drinking water, such as running the water for 30 seconds before use or buying water filters for faucets.

Homeowners who wish to have their own water tested for lead contamination can have their water tested by a New Jersey-certified lab. It is possible to buy home testing kits, but those kits are not recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, and experts say that they are not as accurate as lab tests.

Kane In Your Corner chose to focus on lead contamination in drinking water, because while it is true that there are a lot of other chemicals that can contaminate water, most will show up in tests performed by water companies. Lead typically gets into drinking water after it leaves the water treatment plants.