EDISON - A Kane In Your Corner investigation took a look at the safety of rides at New Jersey’s amusement parks and traveling carnivals.

The investigation coincided with a week of serious accidents on rides in Kansas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

New Jersey has among the toughest ride regulations in the country, but the investigation found that those regulations are not always enforced. While many parks report all accidents resulting in first aid, as the law requires, others only report more serious ones; some even said that's what state inspectors tell them to do.

When it comes to traveling carnivals, the investigation found that there are no national regulations for inspections and accident reporting. New Jersey may have strict guidelines, but the lack of national regulations means there's no way to know about problems carnival operators may have had in other states.

Many News 12 New Jersey viewers reached out to Kane In Your Corner after the investigation aired to voice their concerns.

Some say that they felt that New Jersey’s parks are not safe enough. Other worry about not knowing about a ride’s history of accidents. However, others say that they felt perfectly safe at amusement parks and carnivals and say that if patrons follow the rules, they should be OK.