EDISON - News 12 New Jersey's Kane in Your Corner is putting Rep. John Adler (D-N.J.) and his Republican opponent John Runyan to the "truth test."

There are five days to go until Election Day and the race between Adler and Runyan is currently too close to call. Both candidates are using campaign commercials to call each other out, but not all of the claims that the commercials make are completely true.

Runyan is a former Philadelphia Eagle and is no stranger to commercials. In one of his spots, he claims that Adler 'wrecked the economy.' While Adler did vote for tax increases, he can't be credited with the ruining of the economy.

Adler also takes some claims a bit too far, such as the one where he says that Runyan is trying to rip off the system. Runyan had his home categorized as a farm for tax purposes, but that is legal.