JERSEY CITY - A Jersey City police captain faces disciplinary actions for taking home a city vehicle in violation of city policy. And in an odd twist, the same vehicle was also part of a 2014 Kane In Your Corner investigation that first exposed the abuse of take-home vehicles in Jersey City.

Local website “Real Jersey City” recently captured a photo of the city-owned Dodge Durango outside the Jersey Shore home of Capt. Lou Karras. Jersey City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill tells Kane In Your Corner, "Capt. Karras was not authorized to take home a city vehicle. We investigated the matter and will be taking disciplinary action against one and possibly several members of the JCPD as a result in conformance with State of New Jersey Civil Service regulations.”

In 2014, Kane In Your Corner investigated how some members of the Jersey City Police Department’s motorcycle squad seemed to be getting preferential treatment, including being allowed to drive city vehicles off-duty at taxpayers’ expense. The city responded by disbanding the unit and referring the case to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, where it is still pending.

Sources say the latest incident is not as serious as the abuses two years ago. They say at that time, the cars were being driven off-duty every day, while Karras’ use of the vehicle was isolated.  Still, in light of the history, the city is taking the incident seriously and plans to hold disciplinary hearings for anyone involved.