SOUTH AMBOY - Mary O'Connor lost the election for the mayor of Perth Amboy by one vote. She says during the recount, she became aware of several irregularities in the ballots.

O'Connor told Kane in Your Corner that she found three votes that were cast by people who admitted they didn't live in town. However, Judge Phillip Paley allowed all three votes to count.

Court transcripts show one vote came from a woman named Grace Hoffman, a political appointee of the mayor who lives in Sayreville, not in South Amboy.

Judge Paley says that since Hoffman said she planned to move back to South Amboy, he believed her vote should count. This ruling has O'Connor furious.

Brigid Harrison, a political science professor who specializes in election law, says the ruling is inexplicable.

Mayor Fred Henry says despite the irregularities, he won the election fair and square.