EDISON - A video released by a conservative activist claims to show teachers chanting slogans against Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) while attending a conference held by the state's largest teachers' union.

Former Rutgers University graduate James O'Keefe released a video titled "Teachers Union Gone Wild," which allegedly includes undercover footage from a New Jersey Education Association leadership conference.

Christie praised O'Keefe's video, which allegedly features New Jersey teachers criticizing the governor and bragging about how they can't be fired.

O'Keefe had previously made headlines when he recorded ACORN activists giving money-laundering advice to him.

The NJEA says O'Keefe is distorting what actually happened at the leadership conference. "It bears all the earmarks of what he does," said Steve Wollmer, of the NJEA. "There's selective editing, doctoring of video, and we're concerned that it is being depicted as an honest representation."