WEST WINDSOR - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new information about a nurse accused of improperly administrating the flu shot at a company.

Nurse Mary Roback agreed to have her license suspended after she was accused of administering the flu vaccine to 67 employees of the pharmaceutical company Otsuka in West Windsor using only two syringes. Roback, who was employed by the company Total Wellness, should have used a disposable syringe for each employee. Instead, it is reported that she wiped off the same two syringes with alcohol.

Now the CDC says that Roback also used a vaccine intended for a different vaccination event, used syringes from her own personal supply and even gave the wrong dose of the vaccine. The CDC says that she only used two vials of vaccine for 67 people. Each vial only contains 10 doses, so Otsuka employees did not receive a full dose.

There were even more violations, according to the CDC. The agency says the vaccines were also improperly handled. The shipment was sent to Roback’s home and was never monitored for proper temperatures. It was also improperly transported in a standard cooler with an ice pack, which is a violation. 

When the clinic was over, the CDC says that Robock shipped the leftovers back to Total Wellness without properly monitoring the temperatures the vaccines were stored in.

As a result of all of these mistakes, the employees who received the injections all had to be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C. They also needed to get new flu shots.

The CDC says that this mishap illustrates the larger problem with getting vaccines outside of a traditional health care sitting. The agency says that more people getting vaccines is a good thing, but companies need to make sure proper procedures are followed when these type of health events are held.