BLOOMFIELD - The private bus company whose school bus was involved in Thursday morning's crash in Irvington failed 96 percent of its school bus inspections this year, according to NJ Motor Vehicle Commission inspection records obtained by Kane In Your Corner.

Forty-seven of 48 initial inspections of school buses owned by Horizon Link, based in Bloomfield, resulted in violations significant enough that the buses involved were ordered out of service until the problems could be corrected, inspection records show. In a bizarre twist, the only bus that passed its initial inspection was the one that crashed Thursday morning.

Several students were injured in the crash, but none of the injuries were life threatening. Irvington police are trying to determine the cause of the crash. The driver told authorities the brakes on the bus failed.

Kane In Your Corner spoke to the owner of Horizon Link, Samawal Hashem. At first, Hashem seemed to question his company's 96 percent inspection failure rate, telling News 12 New Jersey's Walt Kane "I don't know where you got that from."¬Ě¬†Informed that the statistics came directly from the Motor Vehicle Commission inspection data, Hashem then insisted the high failure rate was not a problem.

"Even if the vehicles failed for inspection, we won't put it on the road to work unless it got taken care of and corrected and got inspected again," Hashem said.

"So you don't think the fact that only one vehicle passed the first time around, you don't think that's a problem?" Kane asked.

"No, I don't think that's even the issue here," Hashem replied.