EDISON - A News 12 New Jersey viewer named Barbara reached out on Facebook with a problem involving an agreement on auto repairs.

Barbara writes: "We bought a 2007 Ford Explorer and the sun roof didn't work. (The seller) told us to take it somewhere to get it fixed and they would pay for it, and now they won't!"

When a seller tells a buyer, "Get the car repaired and send me the bill," they can either be making a legal promise or just saying that they will think about it. The answer will depend on who you ask.

Experts say when you’re buying a car that’s in need of repairs, always make sure the needs are spelled out in writing.

The agreement should detail exactly what the dealer will pay for and what they will not pay for.

The best solution is often to simply pick a dollar figure that the seller agrees on. This protects both buyer and seller.

Verbal agreements are legally binding, but with verbal agreements it is almost impossible to prove the specifics of the deal. When making a deal with money involved, make sure to get the details in writing.