EDISON - Looking to stop receiving those annoying robocalls? Two software developers from New Jersey may have found the solution.

Robocalls are pre-recorded messages that pop up on people's telephones and sometimes are illegal. Putting your number on the do-not-call list doesn't seem to help, so two developers created the app RoboKiller.

With RoboKiller, users can block all robocalls or just the illegal calls. The blocked messages will then go to a junk mailbox. The app recently won first prize in a contest run by the Federal Trade Commission.

The downside is that RoboKiller calls go through the app so if there's no Wi-Fi you will be burning data. An alternative to RoboKiller is Nomorobo, but it's not compatible with some cell providers.

Landline users can also stop robocalls by using blockers that you plug in.

When all else fails, attorney Craig Kimmel says people can pursue legal action.  He says any call that is not consented to in advance is unlawful. People can potentially collect $500 for each unwanted call.

One important thing to know about robocalls is that when you receive one just hang up because if you press a number to opt out that just alerts the caller that you are a real person and in turn leads to more calls.