WOODBURY - The New Jersey teenager who strangled a 12-year-old Clayton girl last October was given the maximum sentence for the crime Thursday.

Justin Robinson, 16, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the death of Autumn Pasquale. The maximum sentence was worked out in a plea bargain.  

Before the judge handed down the sentence,  Autumn's parents, grandparents and siblings made emotional impact statments.

Family and friends of Pasquale protested outside the courthouse today, arguing the sentence is not long enough.

Robinson has admitted to luring the girl into his home and strangling her. After she didn't return home, a massive two-day search began. Pasquale's body was later found in a recycling container next to the Robinson's house.

Robinson's brother, Donte, is also charged in Pasquale's murder. His case is pending in juvenile court.