EMERSON - A group of protesters staged a demonstration outside an Emerson pet stop whose owner is accused of hundreds of counts of animal cruelty.

The group gathered as Emerson Mayor Lou Lamatina announced that the borough is getting ready to take action against Just Pups owner Vincent LoSacco for allegedly operating the store without a license.

Lamatina says that the store filed its paperwork too late and that the borough plans to respond.

“The borough council is working on it as we speak, addressing the issue,” he says. “Our belief is we just can’t lock his doors without some further court order, so we may or may not be seeking that next week.”

LoSacco tells News 12 New Jersey that he was issued a summons that claimed his store was operating without a valid license. But he says that the application and all necessary paperwork were filed, and that he passed inspections.

“I consulted with my attorney to see what I should I do…our collective feeling is that because we had timely and properly submitted application that it's not our fault if there's a delay in issuing the license,” LoSacco says.

The mayor says Just Pups has had minor problems in its inspections in recent months, but that they were quickly addressed.

He says there is no indication that the dogs in the Emerson store are being mistreated or neglected.

LoSacco is facing hundreds of animal cruelty charges from issues at his Just Pups stores in Paramus and East Brunswick.