NEW BRUNSWICK - Dharun Ravi, Tyler Clementi's former roommate accused of spying on him with a webcam, was in court today for some pre-trial matters.

The judge presiding over the case announced that the man in the video with Clementi will have his name and address on the witness list given to potential jurors to see. The man is only known right now by the initials N.B.

Potential jurors are expected to be called in on Feb. 17 and will be selected days later.

Lawyers for both sides also discussed a potential juror's questionnaire with the judge. The questionnaire is over 17 pages long with 40 questions.

Ravi is facing 15 counts, including bias intimidation, after Clementi killed himself days after the alleged crime occurred. Ravi's webcam caught Clementi's encounter with another man.

The defense also stated today that it won't be delving deeper into the sexual histories of the victims.

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