NEW BRUNSWICK - A New Jersey judge has heard arguments from an attorney representing Michelle Lodzinski, who is seeking a new trial after she was convicted of killing her 5-year-old son Timothy Wiltsey in 1991.

Lodzinski's attorney argued Tuesday that prosecutors didn't present enough evidence at the trial. He also said a mistrial should have been declared when the jury foreman was dismissed during deliberations.

Attorney Gerald Krovatin says that the foreman conducted “outside research on the internet into a material issue in the case." That research had to do with the protocol of investigating crime scenes, according to officials.

Prosecutors argued that there is no proof the foreman tainted the jury pool with his outside research.

“[Krovatin is] speculating as to whether there was some fight amongst the jurors. The record doesn't bear that out,” says Assistant Prosecutor Christine Bevacqua.

State Superior Court Judge Dennis Nieves is expected to rule in the next few weeks.

Lodzinski faces life in prison and originally was to be sentenced Tuesday.

Lodzinski said her son disappeared from a carnival in Sayreville, then later claimed he was abducted.

She was charged in 2014 after witnesses identified a blanket found near the boy's body nearly a year after he disappeared.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.