WYCKOFF - Two teens have taken advantage of a change in their town's policy on collecting grass clippings by creating a new business.

John Douma, of Wyckoff, and Alex Abolt, of Franklin Lakes, were looking for a summer job and saw an opportunity when residents began complaining.

The teens started their own business, collecting grass clippings from residents once a week. Customers pay $50 a month for the service.

Rich Brockel loves the service and says he's glad not to have to go to the dump himself. "We signed up right away because they're enterprising young men from Ramapo High School and I love that," Brockel says. "So it helps us and it helps them. And it's a great idea."

John and Alex have eight customers so far. They also mow lawns, mulch, move furniture and perform other outside work.

The teens say they’re not only making money, but also learning invaluable lessons in running a business. John and Alex also say they are considering starting a landscaping business after graduation.