NEWARK - JetBlue temporarily suspended operations at Newark Liberty International Airport and at New York’s major airports on Monday in an attempt to catch up after days of weather-related delays.

Passengers like Nury Vergara, of Florida, say they've been left out in the cold. "I have to wait in line and see what happens, or go online and find another flight," she says.

Vergara and her 16-year-old daughter were supposed to go home Saturday, but that flight was canceled. "I just don't understand, we didn't have any weather today," Vergara says. "Don't understand why."

The airline says customers were told they could rebook online or by phone, but some customers say they weren't able to do that.

The Gottliebs, from Somerset, came to the airport Monday night to rebook their already canceled Tuesday morning flight. "I thought JetBlue would act differently," says Gloria Gottlieb.

Once they do take off, the family is headed to Puerto Rico for three months. But say this isn't how they wanted to start their trip. "I wanted to beat this cold snap coming, but obviously we'll be here," says Gottlieb.

JetBlue says the cancellations at Newark and at other area airports allowed the company to rest crew and give it time to service aircraft. The airline says they are now fully operational out of their northeastern destinations including Newark, JFK, LaGuardia and Boston.