BRICK - While Hurricane Joaquin's path is still yet to be determined, chances are good that New Jersey will feel at least some impact from the storm.

Although the hurricane is hundreds of miles away from the Garden State, many in New Jersey who are still recovering from Superstorm Sandy are preparing for the worst. This is especially true as many of the rebuilding and reinforcing projects are still underway.

"Our beaches are still battered from Sandy and we don't have all the sand back," says Brick Mayor John Ducey. The mayor says the beach replenishment project started this summer, but the earlier nor'easter and now a possible hurricane could impact that project.

Since Superstorm Sandy, a large steel wall was placed along the coastline in Brick. The wall is buried 15 feet into the ground. Mayor Ducey says that the town replenished the sand dunes covering the wall several days ago, but a lot of that sand is already gone due to high tide and a full moon.

There are also plans for an Army Corp project to put in 200 feet of sand on the beach, but the project is still several months away.

"I'm hopeful engineers installed [the wall] properly and it will protect our houses and people," Mayor Ducey says.

Mayor Ducey and other mayors along the Jersey Shore are recommending everyone keep an eye on the storm and prepare themselves as best as possible.