JERSEY SHORE - After weeks of frigid cold weather winter, Jersey Shore residents are counting the days until summer.

Grace Church is among the very few runners leaving footprints on the Bradley Beach boardwalk during this bitter blast.  The latest snowfall has forced her to take it slow. 

"The wind has just been relentless," she says. "That's been the hardest part."

Michelle Rapkin, of Ocean Grove, also longs for summer.  With the polar vortex pushing the Garden State into a deep freeze, walks with her dog, Maxie, have to be cut short despite her cabin fever.

"You really don't want to be out and you tend to sort of hunker down, which is nice for a while, but then the claustrophobia does set in," she says.

"Anything under 50 degrees is cold to me," says Mary Sanders, of Asbury Park. "As soon as you think it's gone…We got three inches last night, so what can you do."

The cold is also paralyzing profits at some businesses on Main Street in Belmar.

"It's affecting business because people just can't get out," says Ken Tecza, who works at Nostalgic Nonsense Vintage Clothing. "People are not going to be in the mood to shop if they have to shovel their walks and dig out their cars."

Tecza hopes warmer temperatures expected this weekend will bring people out. Temperatures could hit the mid-40s Saturday.