BELMAR - Those who live by the Jersey Shore say that they love spending time at the beach in September and refer to it as the “locals’ summer.”

Beach badges are no longer required to visit beaches along New Jersey’s coast, parking is usually free and there are often fewer people.

Temperatures this week reached the upper-80s and low-90s, meaning there were still plenty of people enjoying the sunshine in Belmar.

"There's less crowds, usually the beach is quieter and I'm amazed at how many people came out today,” one beachgoer told News 12 New Jersey.

Many of the shops along the boardwalks are having end-of-summer sales in an effort to get rid of some of their inventory.

Jerome Beckman, who owns Beckman’s on the Beach in Belmar, says that he hopes this weekend’s pro-surf competition will bring in customers.

“I still have a whole store of stuff I’ve got to get rid of.  You don't want to have stuff sit over the winter,” Beckman says.

Officials want to remind beachgoers that most beaches no longer have lifeguards on duty, so they should swim at their own risk.

Island Beach State Park officials say the beach will have lifeguards in a designated area on weekends through the end of September.