TUCKERTON - After several days of flooding conditions, residents in some Jersey Shore communities are finally able to assess the damage.

Winter storms that brought a few inches of snow, coupled with high tides brought several feet of water along the coast. The threat of flooding caused the National Weather Service to issue coastal flood warnings for several days earlier this week.

Tuckerton resident Cary Varn says that water flooded into her basement and garage. The floodwaters have receded, but Varn says that there are still puddles of water.

The floodwaters also littered Varn’s neighborhood with debris like garbage and driftwood.

Tuckerton, which is located close to a lagoon, flooded three days in a row. During the high tide, there was more than 2 feet of water.

Since Superstorm Sandy, many residents say that they keep a lot of their belongings up on cinder blocks as a precaution to protect them from floods.

Officials at the Jersey Shore tell News 12 New Jersey that they are now concerned about the potential for pipes bursting at vacant summer homes. Temperatures are expected to drop into the single digits this weekend.