ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - In addition to a certain show premiering tonight, the Jersey Shore also has another claim to fame. Atlantic Highlands is home to the world's oldest rabbit.

The rabbit, named Do, turned 16 on Jan. 1. Do officially got the title of world's oldest rabbit from the Guinness Book of World Records a year and a half ago. His owner, Jenna Antol, says the key to his longevity is good genes and a simple diet. Antol says Do has never had a carrot in his life and that the rabbit only eats Timothy hay and rabbit pellet food.

Do has been featured on Animal Planet's website and a popular Internet site for rabbit owners. He's received gifts from animal lovers around the world, including Thailand, Greece, and the Philippines.

Antol says Do got his name since his hair was once so fluffy it reminded her of Don King's hairdo.