JERSEY CITY - A Jersey City woman says she was robbed while lying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound.

Yvonne Scott says she was shot in the back on May 27 after gunfire erupted in the Greenville section of the city. She says that while on the ground, bystanders gathered around her.

"I heard someone say 'Do you have anything in your pockets?'" Scott says.

Instead of helping her, Scott says the bystanders took her belongings while waiting for first responders to come help.

"My medication is gone. All of my ID is gone. My pocketbook is gone completely," says Scott.

Scott is out of the hospital, but the bullet is still in her back.

There were multiple shootings in the neighborhood that day. Scott and her family feel that investigators have not followed up with them to find the shooter.

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office tells News 12 New Jersey that it will be following up with Scott. Investigators are working to determine if the shootings in the area are all connected.